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If you aren’t remembered, then you never existed. – Serial Experiments Lain

That is my favorite quote I’ve ever come across. I don’t exactly what it is that touches me about it, but it certainly defines a very clear belief of my own. It has a undertone of information, memories being the most important things, and it contradicts some basic thoughts, that one must still have existed even if never remembered, but it subtlety makes you question that supposedly obvious fact. There is an elegant beauty about it that I love, and I hope I can share that elegance in my own thoughts and theories.

My name is Jozef Lewitzky, and I’m a 21 year old university student studying cognitive science. I love understanding people, and the world at large. However, I dislike hard facts, and have steered myself away from science and math because of their brutal need for accuracies. Having an open mind and listening to all sides is a trait I value above most others, and one I try to exemplify myself.

I’ll be posting about all sorts of rants and reviews on a variety of topics, or at least, that’s the plan. I already do reviews of anime in a podcast I co-host called Aniview, so I won’t be putting up too much more on that here, but I am a huge “Otaku” (anime fan). I enjoy all things pyschological, intellectual and just plain interesting, so we’ll see what things I find I talk about as the weeks go on.

Lastly, please, always feel free to question and comment and my posts. I’m always open for a good debate, and indeed, it’s what I hope for.


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