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Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.
– Theodore Roosevelt

If there is one thing that has been on my mind the most in my life, it’s getting a job. Yes, I realize the post I made just before this one was talking about not needing a job, but alas, we’re not that privileged as a society yet. So here I am, searching. I have a lot of anxiety over handing out resumes and having interviews. I admit it. I like to be excellent at everything I do, and work just happens to not be one of those areas, and so I get anxious over it. Now, that wouldn’t be so much of a problem if it didn’t effect my ability to get a job, but it does. No one wants to hire a nervous wreck. 70 resumes, 5 connections, and 1 interview later… no job.

Now, financially, this isn’t a major problem for me. I may not get as much video games as I’d like, but I’m still going to be able to get through my next year of university. However, what I do find upsetting is the response from many people I talk to:

“You don’t work?? What do you do with your time then?”

“Oh, you wouldn’t understand, you don’t work.”

“Talk to me after you’ve dealt with 8 hours of hell!”

“If you don’t get a job now, you are gonna be in so much trouble in the future, don’t you understand that?”

Sigh… yes, I do understand that. Refer to the stack of 70 resumes…

It’s really this type of ridicule that upsets me, and is both the pressure to get a job, and the pressure not to. I want to get a job for the safety, for the simplicity, and for the luxury of more “stuff”. However, at the same time, I don’t want to justify the claims that “I don’t understand.” by actually getting a job.

It’s a little too late in my summer to get a job now, but even so, it’s still on my mind. Why is it so fundamentally important to people for one to have a job? Do they feel it justifies their own job they hate, that it’s unfair that I don’t have to work and they do? Do they truly hate “leeches” on society, and feel that everyone needs to contribute? Or is it just a need for everyone to share in their torture and they feel they can’t be related to unless they share that experience?

For people that really want to have the liberty to pursue happiness, it sure seems like they feel that everyone needs to go through a lot of crap to get there.

I don’t know what exactly it is, but I can say that I know people who have worked from age 8 and can’t live without a job as well as people at age 22 who have barely held a part time job. Which are living better lives? I couldn’t tell you. They both have problems, concerns, loves and passions in equal balance from my perspective.

But of course, I wouldn’t understand.



  1. Oy, if only we didn’t have to pay for food, utilities, and video games, life would be much simpler :).

    Have you tried applying for odd-jobs on craigslist yet? Though it’s arguably really sketchy, some of my best/highest paying jobs have come through them!

    • Thanks for the reply (by the way you’re the first reply to this blog!).

      Craigslist in particular I haven’t checked out, but my one interview this summer was actually from a job I applied to online, as well as a previous job I got. So that seems like going online is a good way to go for people like me who are very nervous when handing a resume to a manager.

      Thank you for your reply, I really appreciate it.

  2. I have a job because of several reasons. The first, is congruent with your idea that people feel they “should” have a job. I feel useless and lazy in the eyes of other people if I am not keeping busy.

    The second is that my parents will hassle me until I get one. Less hassle in the long run.

    The third is the direct benefit of having a job, which is money. I get money to spend on the things I want to do or own.

    The fourth is that I get to socialize, learn new things, and put those things on a resume. Building a resume enables me to get an even better job with more money as pay so I can get the things I want sooner.

    Other people without a job… I try to think that it’s “their decision”, and as long as they have some way to pay their bills, I don’t care how they spend their time. However, there is a bias against the jobless, who are not students. Being a student is a full-time job, and having another job on top of that is extra work, to be admired. Their work ethnic is to be admired, because they are sacrificing time they could be using for leisure to work. That sacrifice is admirable!

    To have and hold a job for an extended period of time says something about one’s character. It says that you are a reliable person, who will work hard, who is generally sociable, who can learn things, and that they have basic time-management skills. All of which are appealing in an intern, a friend, or a potential mate.

    • I agree with you on almost all your points, and I envy your ability to do so many jobs and handle schooling. You certainly have your life more together than most people I know. I’m proud of you.

      I wouldn’t say I feel useless and lazy when I’m not doing a job… but maybe that’s because I don’t know otherwise? The parents hassling is certainly a factor though, and I think they have every right to hassle me.

      As for money, I think I have too many safeguards to care much about that aspect. Even if my parents didn’t help me out, I can get loans and figure it out from there. While I’d like more things, the thought process when having to be frugal feels more… humble? and I enjoy that.

      Now, I completely agree with the fourth point, and it’s the major reason I’d love to get a job. I’d like to get that experience, independence and respect.

      It’s a case by case basis for me for people who don’t have a job and are out of school. There is a huge range of ways to be supported, some I respect, some I don’t. I would like people to be more critical rather than judgmental when they meet people in these situations though. Some people just have a tough time with working, and it will take them some time to figure it out. Now, do I respect people who work a lot and do schooling. Yes, I do. I don’t respect people who feel that the other choice is the wrong choice.

      I do respect and envy people who are working a lot and doing what they can to live. I don’t like the people that complain that work is hell and wish they could quit and don’t do anything about it and despise the people who don’t have a job.

      Miss you Bailey.

  3. I also need to spell and grammar check these posts, before posting. Sorry!

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