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“If you aren’t remembered, then you never existed.”  – Serial Experiments Lain

Above is a quote from a fascinating animated series about a girl becoming one with the internet. The show wavers so perfectly the line between truth | fiction, and the very questions of being human. The quote reveals an interesting quirk of human life. Do we care about life that isn’t remembered? I’ve created this blog with the intention of writing about these type of philosophical and psychological quirks. Those paradoxes, contradictions, puzzles and conundrums that seem to invade the everyday lives of those among us thinking deeply about our place in the world.

My name is Jozef Lewitzky, a university student studying cognitive science. Understanding human life is my passion, and our stories, minds, and philosophies the canvas upon which we scrawl our very essence. Humans are so fascinating in their conditioning and make-up, and I find a never ending joy in discovering our intelligent naivety  If you have an open and curious mind, hopefully something here peeks your interest.

Here are the range of posts you can expect:

Theories – Posts about philosophical, psychological and just plain interesting ideas that I’ve come across.

Reviews – These will be reviews of movies, books, games and other media of interest, from a conceptual ideas point of view.

Life – Oddities and updates about things happening to my offline avatar.

Twitter: JozefLewitzky


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