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Category Archives: Life

Photograph by Kyle J. Thompson

When I’m thinking on my own, I am sad.

I’m frustrated that I’m thinking about loneliness  and wanting, needing someone in my life. I’m thinking I’m better than others and they are not good enough for me — I take care of my appearance, I am intelligent, I am socially adept… and I’m ugly, I don’t know how to do much of anything really, and I’m anxious and depressed, and I’m frozen. Read More »


We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations. – Charles R. Swindoll

When I’m depressed, waking up is such a difficult task. All that awaits in a day is misery, annoyance, inconvenience, and new problems. Spending just one more moment in bed, one more moment away from the problems is such a relief. Only bad things can come, and the day is spent attempting to lessen the pain.

I came to a revelation today though. What if your day was a positive experience? What would change? What if, instead of dealing with the problems of the day, you went for the opportunities. There are people around who love you, interesting places to go, experiences worth having, and all sorts of moments to enjoy. No matter what one does in a day, after it’s over, the only thing you can really lose are the opportunities the day afforded you, some never to return.

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Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.
– Theodore Roosevelt

If there is one thing that has been on my mind the most in my life, it’s getting a job. Yes, I realize the post I made just before this one was talking about not needing a job, but alas, we’re not that privileged as a society yet. So here I am, searching. I have a lot of anxiety over handing out resumes and having interviews. I admit it. I like to be excellent at everything I do, and work just happens to not be one of those areas, and so I get anxious over it. Now, that wouldn’t be so much of a problem if it didn’t effect my ability to get a job, but it does. No one wants to hire a nervous wreck. 70 resumes, 5 connections, and 1 interview later… no job.

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If you aren’t remembered, then you never existed. – Serial Experiments Lain

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